"Ever since I was a very little girl I was concerned with what made other people happy & healthy... or not. Where does it really come from? I learned early on that healing, wellness & joy comes only from the inside. It does not & cannot come from anything from outside of us.  Health actually IS our essential nature. Over the years of caring for people, this inquiry has evolved into a way of living, a philosophy & daily practice.... a cultivation of well-being, from the inside out. It is an honor to be able to share it with you & your family... to explore healing, together." 

With 17 years in the healing profession, Dr. Jen Wilhelm brings a confident, warm professional presence inherent in the care she provides.  She started ALIVE Chiropractic Wellness Center in the San Francisco Bay area in 2006 after receiving her doctorate degree Life West Chiropractic College.

Dr. Wilhelm specializes in pregnancy and pediatric care, is certified by the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) in the Webster Technique (for Breech Presentation of babies). She studied with Arno Burnier & Dr. Ogi Ressel; Chiropractic Pediatric Specialists & was a primary staff member for MLS Seminars; teaching the mastery of Chiropractic Adjusting worldwide. 

Her background as a massage therapist, yoga teacher, athlete and martial artist allows her to tune into the body, gently release the tension through the chiropractic adjustment. Through service, with love & wisdom… she opens possibilities for her patients to attain all of their health goals & beyond. 

Dr. Wilhelm cares for her patients through gentle & effective chiropractic approaches. BGI (Bio-Geometrical Integration) is a powerful method of restoring healthy tone of the nervous system through gentle touch. She also provides osseous adjustments in which you may hear a sound with finesse & ease. Dr. Wilhelm may use many techniques in her repository; Activator, Drop Table, SOT, Diversified, CBP, Motion Palpation Institute & Network Chiropractic are to name a few. She also loves working with sports injuries includes those to the ribcage, shoulder, arms and lower body & helping athletes perform at their peak potential.

 Her life path has brought her to the in depth study of meditation with Swami Chetanananda at The Movement Center in Portland, Oregon. It is a tremendous gift & blessing for her to serve the community through Chiropractic, changing lives… one adjustment, one life & one spine at a time.